Covered Seating

Covered outdoor seating to protect you from the elements
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Covered Seating

We can supply covered seating areas as well as our regular picnic tables. Our covered seating is also available in wheelchair friendly models.

The covered seating areas come in 2 sizes with a foot print area of 6'x5'6" and 6'x6' this allows for a table area of 6"x2' or 6'x2'6".

The frame work is constructed out of 4"x2" timber. The floor is constructed out of 6"x1" timber. The roof is boarded in 6" feather edge board. The sides and end is boarded in up to the height of the back of the seats and table. The table top and seats are constructed out of ex 6"x1.5" planned timer.

All the timber is pressure treated and put together with M8 zinc plated bolts and galvanised nails. These are a very strong construction.

Wheelchair friendly covered seating areas can be constructed with access for a wheelchair to one side, this allows for the wheelchair to be under the roof. The construction materials are the same sizes as the other covered seating areas and pressure treated. To allow for the wheelchair access to one side the covered area is slightly longer, the footprint is 7' long x 6' wide and the table top is 7'x2'6".

Please call us on 07890 640915 or send us an email to let us know what you need...